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Metrix Baseball Hitting Lessons


-Performance Analysis and Assessment

-Identification of strengths/weaknesses

-Individualize and implement training program

-Develop fundamentals and increase strength, efficiency and success

-Build confidence and prepare each player for the next level


Metrix Baseball Pitching Lessons


   TrackMan Baseball is a 3D Doppler radar system that precisely measures the location, trajectory and spin rate of hit and pitched baseballs. The radar system collects 20,000 samples per second and captures more than 27 measurements per hit/pitched ball. TrackMan Baseball has been installed throughout MLB stadiums, in major NCAA ball fields and in many minor league parks.

Metrix Baseball Training

Data Lessons

  Using the Trackman system, coaches will now be able to tailor lessons to each individual player, allowing for the most effective and efficient plan to guide the player to the next level. Players will also have the ability to track their progression through their personal profile. 

Metrix Baseball Facility



Metrix Baseball was formed to give baseball players of all ages and talents the opportunity to become better. Building confidence, self-esteem, strength, technique, and skills will allow the development process to work.

  Metrix will use the latest technology to collect analytical pitching and hitting data. This data will be used to aid in player development and give our players an advantage over the competition.  Players will be assessed by the Metrix staff to identify physical, fundamental,  and mental strengths/weaknesses.

  The Metrix Staff will meet with each player to discuss goals and work together to form a personal training plan to achieve success. Players will be able to monitor and access personal profiles throughout the training process.

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